Would you like to live in Europe?

We would like to present you the easiest, the cheapest, and the fastest way to emigrate to Europe that is available now. It is one-year courses of Polish language, naturally in Poland. We are experts in everything related to immigration via education, and we can help you make your dream come true! After joining language courses, you will get a Polish visa “D” type (356 days) that not only allow you to stay in Europe for one year but to work, too!

About courses

The first month you will have an intensive course after which you will be able to understand a native speaker. It includes five lessons per week which will last 3 hours. And then next 11 months, you will improve your skills in the Polish language by two lessons per week. Total duration of courses is 12 months (360 + 70 hours)

The price of 1-year language courses is

1149 Euros (payment in advance!)

What is included in this price:

  • The cost of classes in Polish language school
  • Our help with application to Polish language school (we will assist you with documents that are needed at school)
  • Help with applying for a visa
  • Meeting on your arrival to Poland
  • Helping you with finding a place to live (a dormitory or apartment)
  • Helping with registration on arrival to Poland
  • Assisting with the opening of bank account upon arrival to Poland.

What is not included in this price

  • Apartment or hotel where you will live
  • Food
  • Flight \ Transfer to Warsaw
  • Polish consulate visa fee (EUR 60)
  • Required health Insurance (about 30 euros)

About visas

When you are officially accepted to language school, you can apply for a visa of type D (365 days of stay). With this visa, you can not only stay in the EU for one year but also get a job!

The procedure for collecting and submitting documents for a visa depends on the country, as well as the citizenship of the applicant. We will help you with getting correct paperwork done.

About accommodation in Poland

If you prefer to stay in the hostel, it will cost you about 130 Euros per month in a room for four people. You can choose accommodation yourself, or we will help to find a place in one of the hostels we cooperate with. We can also help you to find a separate dwelling/room /apartment. However, this is a different service and is discussed individually.

About payment

In most cases, to obtain a visa, you need show a proof of payment for courses at the embassy. In this regard, a full prepayment of training is required.

Payment is made after signing the contract with us and discussing all details.

We offer several options for transferring funds: Bank Transfer, Western Union, Moneygram.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may help, and find the best solution for your situation! Simply fill the form below (please do not forget to include your telephone number in international format, with your country code) and we will call you!

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